We wanted plans for a proposed loft conversion on our 1930’s semi in Altrincham, Cheshire. We knew basically what we wanted to achieve. A bedroom with an en-suite bathroom for our eldest son who was due to return home from university in London.

We did not like the idea of extremely large dormer window’s but understood we may need some type or dormer to increase the space up in our loft so as to accommodate the staircase installation.

We had a few different Architects round who, to be honest shocked us with their fees and slightly confused us with different options that we did not like. As I said, “we knew basically what we did and did not want” we just needed someone to give a little advice on certain items i.e. stairs and then compile the plans for us.

We then came across David John Builders https://davidjohnbuilders.co.uk/plans.

David came out to our house, listened to our requirements, gave us a simply, very economical fee a fraction of the others we had, offered a few different arrangements for the stairs. took photos and measurements and within seven days we had a draft plan.

We later made a few alterations to the plan but have now (with the help of David) submitted those plans to Trafford Building Authority. David did not even put his company name on the plan so we were free to obtain estimates from various builders. However due to the efficiency of his company I think we will be going with his company for the build.

Thank you so much.

Alison & Peter