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A Brief note outlining the main differences between Planning Permission and Building Regulation Approval

Planning Permission

Not all projects require planning permission, and this list is increasing on a weekly basis especially considering the UK is in desperate need of larger or more residential properties.

In very simple terms, Planning permission is asking the local Authority if you can build a particular construction project. These construction projects are projects that change the external appearance of your property.  You may be increasing its size, by adding Home Extensions or changing the overall appearance by adding new openings for windows, doors or even closing up certain openings, or constructing large loft conversions with large Dormer windows, or converting your garage into a Home Gym, study, or kids playroom.  Once you have prepared the plans and submitted those plans to the LA they will either say Yes (planning granted) or No (planning refused).  We can then alter the plans in the hope they like the design changes and then if still it’s a No we can appeal.  Never give up.

Building regulation Approval

If your project needed planning approval and assuming you have received permission to build, or if you are certain your project does not need planning permission, next you will need building regulation approval.  The main difference here is the authorities cannot say yes or no.  In fact they cannot say no to your project you have already received permission from planning to do the project.  These guys simply want to be sure your project is going to be built in conjunction with all the relevant current building regulations.  Here are a few examples of what they want to know.

  1. Are any proposed foundations excavated deep enough and down to good quality ground?
  2. Are the insulations that are going to be used good enough for the project considering heat loss and sound insulation?
  3. Are any structural openings secured with correct lintels or steel beams above?
  4. Are the new timbers for flooring or roofing big enough to cope with the loads?
  5. Are all the fire regulations being adhered to?

This list is very very very long, however if you can prove to the building inspector that you have met all relevant regulation requirements the inspector can not say no to the project (unlike planners who can simply say NO, they don’t like the look of it)

We hope this little detail helps you understand the process, please note we at David John can complete all of this for you by drawing plans, altering the plans if the planners do not like them, submitting an appeal if they still do not like them  Then once planning permission has been granted we will make sure your project meets every single building regulation that applies to your project.

Please also note.  We at David John can complete this process far more economically than a stand alone Architect because we have inhouse Architects that only work on residential properties as opposed to a stand alone Architect who may be working on several residential , commercial or industrial projects. We are also more than happy to prepare these plans for you without any commitment from you to use us a building contractor, we will supply the plans without our name on so you are free to obtain costs for construction from  any building contractor.

Good luck and happy building David at David John

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