Garage conversion Greater Manchester

Our garage conversions have helped homeowners across Greater Manchester to generate space and add value to their homes.

All without forking out for costly extensions which can run over time and over budget.

Garage conversions are an incredibly popular solution to generating extra space storage, meaning you don’t need to re-model your home to create the space you need.

Why convert your garage?

Did you know? Garage conversions are an incredibly efficient way to extend living spaces and can mostly be completed without the need for planning permission.

Let’s face it: it’s easy to waste the potential of garages. Over the years, garages become neglected spaces for storing everything from rusty lawnmowers to old televisions.

Instead of handing your garage over to spiders and junk you never use, why not generate extra value and space for your home with a high-quality garage conversion?

Garage conversions allow you to create extra room for fulfilling your projects. Here are just a few examples of what you can achieve with a garage conversion by David John Builders.

Is your kitchen crowded with white utility goods? Is it time your washing machine moved out of the coat room for good? Having an all-in-one storage space for utilities in the garage helps to decongest your home and create more space for living.
Create the space you need to get on with the job. Office space is an incredibly popular use for a garage conversion, helping you get away from the hustle and bustle of home life to focus on your business.
There’s nothing quite like having your friends over. Watch those football matches and build your dream gin bar with the perfect entertainment space.

Why travel to overcrowded gyms when you can have one at home? Turning your garage into a home gym can help you reach your gains in an environment built around you and your needs.

More and more parents are turning their garage space into play areas for the kids. It’s time to take the home nursery out of the spare bedroom and into a garage made for playing and learning.

Why convert your garage with David John Builders?

Over the years of completing home projects for our clients, we’ve noticed that more and more people are looking to convert their garages to create more space and future proof their home with extra value.

David John Builders are pleased to offer high-quality garage conversion services across Manchester. Building on our experience and expertise in conversions and extensions, our qualified craftsmen offer specialised garage conversion services to bring your garage to life.

With David John Builders, our garage conversions can help turn your wasted space into potential.

  • Garage conversions are more cost-effective than a new extension
  • The majority of garage conversions can be completed without planning permission
  • Add extra value to your home
  • Tidy up your existing storage space
  • Generate extra space to make room for your projects

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